About Matias Larzabal

Creating Magic
Matías Larzábal is a dad to two lively children (and two step-children) who have inspired him to create collaborative art that serves as a vehicle for storytelling and sharing Latin American symbolism.

Matías, born in 1981, was raised in a community-run orphanage in the countryside of Uruguay, together with his three younger sisters and up to thirty other “siblings”.

His art adds livelihood and sparks interesting conversations in galleries, homes, offices and cafés around the world.

Artist’s Statement

My art opens a doorway to a magic place where everything can happen.

I grew up in an orphanage. But it was a magical childhood. My parents ran the orphanage while my sisters and I, along with the thirty other “siblings” who lived in the orphanage, ran free. We ran in a pack…a pack of kids running, exploring, playing, creating…something you don’t see much anymore. I had a free childhood, and I felt safe and unrestricted. I grew up in a magic place.

For me, art has been a way to connect with my soul. Art is a door to escape reality…more like a door to a magic world, the magic world in which I grew up.

Through my art I can contribute to the world. Like an alchemist, I can create a magic place where we can all be free and safe. Everything is possible on canvas. I can share my vision of the world. On the canvas, my vision becomes real.

How I Paint

Sometimes when I paint, it’s like it already exists in my mind, in my imagination, before I paint it….painting it is just bringing it to life.

Other times I paint the beautiful things I see. In that case it’s like I’m looking at something through a kaleidoscope and I have my own perspective on the colours and the light that’s coming in.

In fact, some of my paintings can be viewed through 3-D glasses for a magical effect. The colours jump out in unexpected ways.

The Collaborative Process

For me, it’s normal to involve others in the creation of an art piece.

All my art is like a collaboration of all the people that have influenced me.

Sometimes I will involve my children in creating a painting. Sometimes I set up at an event, such as a wedding or a community event, and I invite everyone to add to the painting. The painting becomes a collaboration and a true reflection of the people at the event.

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